Integrated Dermatology of Fairfax

Integrated Dermatology Group is a great professional team. They are always very helpful and determined to provide excellent customer service.…

Rebecca Satoskar, M.D.

It has been a great year with tremendous growth in the practice! Thanks so much!! And thanks for making an incredible first year possible!!

Alan Parks, M.D.

My reason for joining Integrated was the fact that the running of a dermatology practice was becoming increasingly stressful and going into the office everyday was becoming a chore. In the one year since I've becoming a part of Integrated I now look forward to going into the office every day and my stress level is almost non existent.

Jeffrey Fromowitz, M.D.

I had to decide if I wanted to start my own practice after finishing residency. Instead, I chose to join Integrated Dermatology Group. All of the legwork was done for me and I was able to step into a busy practice from day one. It was the right choice!

Meagan McCusker, M.D.

I am excited about what lies ahead, and my experiences thus far have been very positive.

Ruth Hanno, M.D.

Jeff Queen and his team are a pleasure to work with. They have the expertise and enthusiasm to make them a perfect partner for my dermatology practice.

Agnes Ju Chang, M.D.

After working in a group practice for several years, I wanted to branch out on my own, to have more control over the way I practice medicine, to have ownership and be the medical director of my own practice. That's what I found in working with IDG. They provide the business administration support in conjunction with my managing director, so I can focus on what I love to do which is the practice of dermatology. I have been very pleased working with IDG and I continue to be excited about my own professional future.