Retiring Dermatologists

Thinking about retiring?

You have spent a lot of time and money building up your dermatology practice. Over the years, you have developed strong relationships with staff and patients and enjoy the day-to-day routine. And now you are ready to retire, enjoy time with family and friends, develop new hobbies, explore possible talents or hone old interests.

Selling or closing an established dermatology practice can be a difficult decision and a labor intensive proposition. You worry about who will care for your patients and job security for your employees. Even if you close the office without selling the practice, you are still responsible for patient charts for an additional seven years, leaving you with liability without income.

Integrated Dermatology Group can help you with the transition and offer you options.

Integrated Dermatology Group (IDG) buys practices from succession-planning dermatologists and assumes certain practice liabilities, including leases and patient charts, relieving the retiring physician from long-term responsibility.

IDG can also:

  • Create a succession plan before you retire
  • Locate a qualified dermatologist
  • Sell ALL or PART of your practice
  • Negotiate a fair market monetary return for the value of your practice
  • Assist your employees in keeping their old job or finding a new job
  • Relieve all liabilities for patient charts

Consider retirement with IDG or Take the first step towards retirement with IDG