Our Company

Who are we? What do we do?

Headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, IDG owns, manages and operates dermatology practices throughout the United States. The company is aggressively pursuing rapid expansion by acquiring and partnering with dermatology practices. IDG has created an innovative program that provides dermatologists looking to sell their practice, and dermatologists who desire a partnership, an opportunity that previously has not existed in dermatology. IDG’s uniqueness is vested in its ability to provide selling dermatologists monetary value for their practice, while allowing them to remain at the practice indefinitely. For those physicians wishing to exit a practice, IDG can allow them to monetize a lifetime of work and simultaneously provide younger dermatologists the opportunity to immediately own and take over an established practice of a retiring dermatologist.

The culture at IDG is a reflection of its people. Our environment is filled with hard-working, dynamic individuals who come together to ensure the success of our partner dermatologists.

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Who do we help?

Dermatologists are often very attracted to the company’s model in search of lower operational costs, reduced management responsibilities, and the advantages a large integrated group can provide. IDG provides dermatologists these benefits, while also allowing them to independently practice medicine. IDG works with dermatologists in all stages of their careers. From graduating residents to succession planning dermatologists, IDG has the appropriate program to help dermatologists achieve their practice aspirations.

Our goal for you

IDG’s mission is to improve the quality of life for its partner dermatologists while adding to their success. IDG enables its partner physicians to focus on providing high quality dermatological care by relieving the stress of management and by offering its doctors expert business advisory services, compliance guidance, financial services, human resources and related management services necessary to achieve best business practices.

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